Introducing TopMaze

Auto discover and map all software components within seconds

So what's in it for you?

Full Visibility



A map of software elements that interact within your servers in an instant download

Starting with one host (physical or virtual, on-premise or cloud) it continues to discover all the interdependencies throughout your server network

Every active process that communicates with another process is part of the map

How can TopMaze help?

TopMaze disrupts the market with the world first real-time, software-based, topology mapping service for IT. We created the ability to map all the software elements that interact within servers in one precise image. We also provide it free.

Signals anomalies between environments


Verifies active/inactive as planned, from pre-prod to prod from one cloud to the other


Detects maintenance dependencies for planned shutdowns, upgrades, configuration changes


Maps out what is running, how much is utilized and license usage

Tracks data path flows, weak attack routes, sudden anomalies in topology for security management


Detect clusters which are ready for migration in terms of application elements, volume


Enables visibility to over or idle topology resources

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